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Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae

10. 1994 - 02. 2000 College of Art and Design Bremen, Diploma in Graphic Design.
10. 1997 - 7. 1999 Royal College of Art, London, studying »Computer Related Design«.
07. 1999 Master of Arts (MA RCA) »Computer Related Design«, Royal College of Art, London.

Scholarships: Scholarship from the »Deutscher Akademischen Austauschdienst«, DAAD.

Work Experience:
02. 1995 - 10. 1996 Member of the research and development group »Coinn« at the College of Art and Design Bremen.
11. 1996 - 04. 1997 Graphic-Designer / Interaction Designer MetaDesign, San Francisco.
07. 1998 - 10. 1998 Interaction Designer, Research Department of the Science Museum, London.
10. 1999 - 03. 2000 Tutor at the »Media Informatics« course, Computer Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany.
08. 2000 - 10. 2001 Researcher at the Exploratory Media Lab, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Institute for Media Communication, Bonn, Germany.
12. 2001 - 06. 2002 Guest researcher and visiting professor at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy.
Since 07.2002 Consultant, designer and developer in Berlin. Clients include the Jewish Museum Berlin, MTV, Philips and the Bertelsmann Foundation.
Since 05.2004 Professor for Interaction Design; Interface Design programme at the design department of the Fachhochschule Potsdam.

Conferences (selection):
22. 10. 1996 Speaker at the »Windows on the Digital Future« conference in London
05. 12. 1998 Speaker at the »Profile Intermedia« conference, Bremen, Germany. Together with H. Evans and M. Gosling.
07. - 12. 02. 1999 »MILIA 99« in Cannes, France. Exhibition of »Revamp« at the »Young Talents Pavillion«. Together with T. Brooke und M. Gosling. The presentation of »Revamp« was part of the »Zapping the Best of Multimedia« Event.
20. 05. 1999 Speaker at the »2nd International Browserday«, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
05. 12. 1999 Speaker at the »Profile Intermedia 2« Conference in Bremen, Germany. Together with T. Brooke;
02. 10. 2000 Speaker at the »Toptalent« Festival, Vienna, Austria.
17. 02. 2001 Presentation of the »Rund um den Domshof in Bremen« Projects at the EuroPrix Gala in Luleå, Sweden.
21. - 22. 09. 2001 cast01 conference; Part of the presentation; Topic: »Designing Knowledge Maps«; Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany.
25. - 28. 06. 2002 ACM DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) London, Presentation of the »Forest of Thoughts« and part of the Exhibition Panel.
14. - 19. 07. 2002 Speaker at the Computer Science Symposium on »Aesthetic Computing«, topic: »Software as Material«, Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, Germany.
13. 02. 2004 Lecture on the subject of »Software as Material« at the Hyperwerk Basel, Switzerland.
23. 04. 2004 Presentation at the »Technologie Transfer Forum« at the Hannover Trade Fair. Together with Reto Wettach.
05. 05. 2004 Lecture at the »n_space Ringevent«, Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam.
03. 12. 2004 Speaker at the conference »Profile Intermedia 7« in Bremen, Germany; Presentation of the Interface Design programme at the FH Potsdam. Together with students from the programme.
29. 05. 2005 »Informationsarchitektur und Informationsgestaltung in der Lehre« - lecture in Frankfurt, at the IA-Tagung, the first german conference on information architecture. Together with Danijela Djokic.
07. 06. 2005 Co-Organiser of and speaker at the »Interaction Design - Gestaltung interaktiver Objekte und Systeme« symposium at the Fachhochschule Potsdam.
10. 02. 2006 Speaker at the conferece »Communication Next« at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe
28. 06. 2006 Invited participant at the research and development workshop of the research project Eikones, HGK Basel
10. 05. 2007 Presentation at the conference »Kultur und Informatik« about rule based images in Berlin
06. 09. 2007 Ars Electronica, Linz; presentation of the Interface Design programme as part of the Campus 2.0 exhibition
19. 10. 2007 Speaker at the conference Edit 08 in Geilo, Norway
13. 02. 2009 Invited participant at the research and development workshop »Scent of Information«
11. 4. 2011 Re-Publica Berlin, talk on »Interagitation« together with Till Nagel
29. - 31. 10. 2010 Designers Open Leipzig, exhibition and presentation of mæve
28. 5. 2011 InterAction Now Stuttgart, talk on the »Unknown Unknowns«
6. 2. 2012 FullDome Festival Jena, presentation of FHP-Powerdome projects
24 11. 2012 Speaker at the Designtage Brandenburg, presentation of the Interface Design programme; together with Marcus Paeschke
24. 2. 2013 Presentation at #RSE13 »Ein Futurologischer Kongress« in Hamburg
5. 10. 2013 Presentation of GED Viz at the Berlin
26. 3. 2014 Keynote at the Euporias Workshop (part of the FutureEverything conference) in Manchester
15. 4. 2014 Invited lecture on data visualization at Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK)
29. 4. 2014 Speaker at the pearls (Potsdam Research Network) forum »Big Data« on data visualization at the Hasso Plattner Institut Potsdam

Exhibitions (selection):
26. - 28. 11. 1998 »Doors of Perception« conference. Exhibition of the »EgoGeo« Projects at the »Interactive Design Bazaar«.
01. 12. 1999 As part of the AKQA / Creative Review exhibition, »Revamp« is shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London.
02. 2000 - 04. 2000 »Creative Britain«, exhibition in the »Stilwerk« Berlin. Presented Works: »Revamp« and»Ambulator«.
09. 2000 - 10. 2000 »Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award Exhibition« at the »Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe«, Hamburg. Exhibition of the »fragments« project.
10. 2000 As part of the »NachtTräumeZeitRäume« exhibition at the Cathedral in Bremen, the project »Rund um den Domshof in Bremen« was on display.
03. 2001 The Project »Forest of Thoughts« is exhibited at the »Media Arts Festivals Japan«, Museum for Photography, Tokyo.
04. 2001 - 05. 2001 The »European Media Art Festival« Osnabrück exhibits the project »Forest of Thoughts«.
04. 2001 - 11. 2001 The Klangturm St. Pölten, Austria, exhibits »Revamp«.
04. 2006 - 05.2006 The poster series »Poetry on the Road« is on display at the International Poster Exhibition Japan in Tokushima, Japan
06.2008 »Fast Faust« and »Poetry on the Road« are part of the exhibition »Ein X und ein U« at the Museum Weserburg Bremen
09. 2008 - 11. 2008 The interactive installation mæve is on display at the 11. Architectural Biennale in Venice
08. 2009 The Poetry on the Road posters are part of the »Information Aesthetics Showcase« gallery at the Siggraph conference in New Orleans.

05. 2000 »Special Distinction« at the »Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award« for the »fragments« project.
02. 2001 First Prize in the Student Category of the EuroPrix 2000 for the »Rund um den Domshof in Bremen« Project.
03. 2001 »Excellence Award« at the »4th ACA Media Arts Festival« Tokyo for the »Forest of Thoughts« project.
04. 2002 »Sociotopic«, a proposal for an interactive community space received a Honorable Mention from the Net Art Commission.
03. 2003 »Certificate of Typographic Excellence« from the Type Directors Club New York for the Poetry on the Road 2002« project.
04. 2003 »Poetry on the Road 2002« is selected among the »100 beste Plakate«, the 100 best posters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
09. 2005 »Philips Dynamic Lighting Website« receives an iF design award.
11. 2013 »GED Viz« receives the »Information is Beautiful Silver Award« in the category »Tool«
02. 2014 Deutscher Infografik Preis 2014 for »GED Viz« in the category science