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The »Flying Numbers« are small, concentrated applications that demonstrate and explore the aesthetic possibilities of the computer. Their development is related to the following questions: What are the genuine properties of the screen? Does the computer has haptic qualities? How can you visualise the connection between the movement of the mouse and the events on screen?

Launch the Flying Numbers.

The four applications were developed according to these questions. They are very different in their visualisation and interaction. But all are based on the same basic ideas. Every application has a concise metaphor for the interaction. The possibilities of the input device (mouse movement on x/y axis, clicking) are transformed directly into events and movements. A mouse click becomes an experience in a dynamic system.

The applications follow the idea of playing without winning. The appeal of the »Flying Numbers« lies not in the challenge to win, but rather in the playfulness of the screen items and the relationship of hand movement and screen activity. The goal is not to win, but to interact and play.

Medium: Shockwave
Year: 1999
Client: Independent
Artistic Project


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