On Writing

I occasionally write on issues that occupy me in my professional life. I have been teaching and practicing Interface and Interaction Design for over 15 years. While the technology changed often and quickly, I believe that fundamental design principles are more persistent. As my essays are not so much concerned with technology but with design, they hopefully have a longer life span than regular tech news. My texts are attempts to investigate problems and principles of interaction design. I want to reflect and explore both design theory and design practice.

I still have a blog here at esono.com, but right now it is in sleep mode. I mainly publish my essays on Medium. If this is the first time you encounter my texts, I recommend to start with the following collection:

Why Do All Websites Look the Same?
The internet suffers from a lack of imagination, so I asked my students to redesign it

Balancing Creativity and Usability
A short comment on “Why Do All Websites Look the Same?”

Menus, Metaphors and Materials: Milestones of User Interface Design
Why It Is Important to Understand and Appreciate Historic User Interface Designs. Written together with Frank Rausch

If Your Favorite Typefaces Were Celebrities
Helvetica would definitely be Tom Hanks. But who is Comic Sans?

Bringing Design to Science
Science can benefit more from design than design from science

Design in Four Revolutions
Interaction design is the design discipline of the third industrial revolution

Intuition Is the Key to Good Design
And, contrary to popular belief, intuition can be taught

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