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The computer has fundamentally changed the world. Countless aspects of our lives are touched and transformed by digitisation. While driven by technology, the digital transformation is at its heart a cultural process. Design recognises this cultural and societal aspect. Interface and interaction design combine methodical insights with practical creativity to create meaningful and delightful experiences with digital technology.


In the last few years, I have worked for a number of clients supported them in the ideation, design and implementation of digital projects. Among others, I have worked for:

  • Bertelsmann Foundation: ideation, concept, design and consulting for the development and implementation of the visualization tool GED Viz. The tool focuses on relational data such as flows of trade, finance and migration.
  • Jewish Museum Berlin: concept and design consulting for the re-design of the digital learning center.
  • MTV: ideation, design and consulting for the development of an interactive clip creator that allows MTV viewers to create their own clips.
  • Philips: ideation and consulting for the “dynamic lighting” website. The aim was to convey the experience of interactive light control.
  • Poetry on the Road: design and development of a generative corporate identity.
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI): ideation, concept and consulting on data visualisation and interaction design.

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Process and Dialog

It is difficult to define creativity, innovation and usability in product specifications. However, these qualities are fundamental for the success of any digital project. In order to achieve them, you need to moderate between clients, designers, users and developers. I understand my role as interaction designer not only as an expert on certain formal and technical questions - but also as a moderator in a complex process with very different stakeholders. For my work, I have received the following awards:

  • Deutscher Infografikpreis for Ged VIZ
  • Information is Beautiful Silver Award for GED Viz
  • iF design award for the Philips Dynamic Lighting Website
  • 100 beste Plakate for Poetry on the Road
  • Certificate of Typographic Excellence of the Type Directors Club New York for Poetry on the Road
  • Excellence Award des 4th ACA Media Arts Festival Tokyo for Forest of Thought
  • First prize, Student Category of EuroPrix 2000 for Rund um den Domshof in Bremen
  • Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award - Special Distinction for fragments

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