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Since 2003, I am a Professor for Interaction Design at the Interface Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP). Here you can find some results of my activities at the University.

Stefanie Elsholz, Martin Schissler and
Tillmann Dierichs: Infractor

Type: Class Project
Semester: Summer 2009
Institutions: FH Potsdam
Students: Stefanie Elsholz, Martin Schissler and Tillmann Dierichs
Supervisors: Boris Müller, Till Nagel

Infractor is an interactive, artistic application that has been developed for a Reactivision / multitouch-table. It is based on the article database of the New York Times. The information can be searched, filtered and read by putting physical objects on the interactive surface.

Each object has a different functionality. At first, all available articles are placed as particles on the empty table. Each particle contains information such as the title, the actual text and further media like pictures and videos. A source object can be put anywhere on the table in order to bundle the loose information. The object now gathers all the particles and displays them in a ray.

In order to filter and view the particles, the ray is split further with the help of prisms and controller objects. Each controller object includes certain categorical values such as individuals or countries.

Infractor enables a group of users to playfully explore the contents of a large newspaper archive. The visual metaphors enable the users to easily understand the interaction with the installation. Infractor is a very direct and atmospheric way of browsing information.

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