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Since 2003, I am a Professor for Interaction Design at the Interface Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP). Here you can find some results of my activities at the University.

Urban Interventions

Type: Class
Semester: Summer 2008
Institutions: FH Potsdam, Parsons School of Design
Location: New York, Potsdam, Berlin
Staff: Boris Müller, Raoul Rickenberg

The project »Urban Interventions« was a collaboration between the Interface Design programm of the FH Potsdam and the Parsons School of Design. My colleague Raoul Rickenberg from Parsons and I joined forces and created transatlantic student teams that worked together on a number of design assigments.

The classes were held simultainously - i.e. Friday morning in New York and Friday afternoon in Potsdam. Both classrooms were then connected live via iChat AV. To get an idea of the athmosphere in the classrooms, please check out our flickr page.

The aim of this class was to develop »Urban Interventions«. The students were asked to define design opportunities in the urban landscape and develop a video prototype that communicates the intervention.

{Scenes from the class and the video conferences.}

Both the collaboration and the production of the final videos were quite amazing experiences. The results can be viewed at the Vimeo Channel »Urban Interventions«.

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