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Since 2003, I am a Professor for Interaction Design at the Interface Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP). Here you can find some results of my activities at the University.

Moritz Stefaner:
Visual tools for the socio-semantic web

Degree: Master of Arts
Year: 2007
Student: Moritz Stefaner Supervisors: Danijela Djokic, Boris Müller

The thesis of Moritz Stefaner contributes to a new discipline of science: web science, as introduced by Tim Berners-Lee in 2006. The big challenge is, that such a research area has only been recently postulated, however, does not yet exist in a coherent form. Designers, computer scientists, sociologists, cognitive scientists, psychologists etc. have individual perspectives on the complex and rapidly evolving interplay of technological and social infrastructure and human society. However, a well-defined discipline — unifying the scientific analysis of social and human factors to understand, but also to shape and steer web developments by informed design and engineering — is not established yet. This thesis is a contribution to an interdisciplinary dialogue between science, engineering and design.

More information about the thesis and a number of interactive examples can be found on Moritz’s Blog »Well-formed Data«.

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