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VIVA Clipcreator

Medium: Website
Year: 2007
Client: VIVA / Viacom
Team: Boris Müller, Christian Riekoff, Thomas Sabel

The VIVA Clipcreator is an online application that allows the viewers of the TV channel »VIVA« to create their own tv clips. Each clip is based on a photo that is uploaded by the viewer. The clips are then broadcasted as adbrake bumpers.

The Clipcreator provides the users with a fun interface that allows them to create individual clips. The combination of the user's creativity and generative design elements like flocking behaviour or organic growth makes sure that every clip is unique! At the same time, every clip fits into the look and feel of the new channel design.

Our aim was to integrate the Clipcreater seamlessly into the broadcasting procedures of VIVA. The technical development of the front- and back was therefore in close collaboration with VIVA. On our side, the technical part was led by Christian Riekoff.

The Clipcreator is a great tool for involving the viewers in the apperance of the VIVA tv channel. The project has been en enormous success. In six months, over 30000 clips have been created by the community.

Sadly - the VIVA Clipcreator is no longer active. But here is the promo clip from VIVA:

{Stills from the user-generated clips.}

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