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Medium: Shockwave
Year: 2001
Location: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Project Leaders: Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss
Team: Gabriele Blome, Boris Müller, Jasminko Novak, Stefan Paal, Martin Schneider

During my time at the Fraunhof Gesellschaft - Institut für Medienkommunikation, I participated in the development of the Knowledge Maps. The basic idea behind these Maps is to graphically present and communicate the content of the database as well as visualising metadata about the content. The graphical visualisation presents the data in a intuitive way, so the constellations of the data form a statement about their contextual sourroundings. They are part of the tools.

The Knowledge Maps are part of the project that is lead by Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss at the MARS Exploratory Media Lab, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft - Institute for Media Communication. The project is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

Launch the Semantic Map.

Launch the Timeline.

{Left: The Semantic Map - Zoom mode; Right: The Timeline

Click on the images to launch the applications.}

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