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13. October 2014
Books are the new Horses
Books will die out. eBooks are the future. The pragmatic arguments for eBooks are overwhelming. Electronic devices are cheap. Storing text is simple - we can already download a huge amount of literature onto a single device. Schoolbooks can regularly be updated without the need to print them. They can be stored in the cloud - so you cannot loose them. The text display can be adjusted to your preference. You can easily search and annotate. Multimedia elements can be added and allow for a richer reading experience. And you no longer need to fell a tree in order to print a book. Books - in the sense of stacks of printed paper - will no longer exist in a few years. {continue}

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with friends and family for a beer. We had a chat about this and that. We even talked about physics and I got the opportunity to explain my naive understanding of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. We also talked about work. Some distant acquaintance asked me what I was actually doing. I started talking about the role of digital technology in our everyday life, the iPhone, data visualisation and Facebook. And I realised that it was easier to explain the Uncertainty Principle than to explain interaction design. {continue}

22. September 2014
A Map is not a Service
When developing new apps or new software products, designers often refer to the notion of »services«. The idea is that the software should have a clear purpose and help the users to complete a specific task. Conceptual and technical complexities should be hidden in order to give the users a pleasant and frictionless user experience. This works especially well when the parameters and the possible variations, that are taken care of in the background, do not have a great influence on the quality of the user experience. However, Maps and data visualisations have a completely different approach. {continue}

18. September 2014
A Posting about Sulphur
One of my all time favourite interactive museum installations is floating.numbers by Art+Com. I remember being in the Jewish Museum in Berlin and playing with the installation for a long time. […] But what has a ten year old interactive installation to do with current data visualisations? I believe one or two things. {continue}

17. September 2014
Cultural Image-Making
In the wonderful book Design for Information by Isabel Meirelles I came across a quote from Ben Shneiderman: »Like Galileo’s telescope (1564–1642), Hooke’s microscope (1635–1703), or Roentgen’s x-rays (1845–1923), new information analysis tools are creating visualizations of never before seen structures. Jupiter’s moon, plant cells, and skeletons of living creatures were all revealed by previous technologies. Today, new network science concepts and analysis tools are making isolated groups, influential participants, and community structures visible in ways never before possible.« {continue}

16. September 2014
A Blog.
Ten years ago blogging was already quite established - but still young enough to be considered cool. I remember that 2002 - during my time at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea - blogs were still quite a thing. And when I started teaching in Potsdam, it was kind of expected of a young Interaction Design professor. But I didn't. {continue}

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Poetry on the Road 2006

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mæve - MACE-Everyville installation

Award winning projects:

Information is Beautiful Silver Award, Category »Tool«, 2013 and
Deutscher Infografik Preis 2014

Philips Dynamic Lighting Website
iF Award 2005, Communication Design

Poetry on the Road (02)
Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Type Directors Club New York and
»100 beste Plakate«, among the 100 best posters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 2002

The Forest of Thoughts
Excellence Award at the 4th ACA Media Arts Festival Tokyo, 2001,

Rund um den Domshof in Bremen
First Prize in the Students Category of the EuroPrix 2000,

Special Distinction at the Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2000

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